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An order has "Missing Time Window" in the Gordon column. What could be the reason for this and how can we solve it?

The message indicates that the delivery window is not saved on the order.
Via the plugin, we do not want to stop the order and affect the conversion. So if the window has not been retrieved/saved, the order is let through without a window.

Start by checking the order and the order notes, if nothing looks strange you can select a new delivery window in "edit order", save and then book the shipping.

A new version of the plugin has been released in early February 2023, which makes shore that the shipping method will not be presented if there is no delivery window.
Check that you have version 1.5.2 or newer and update otherwise.

We click the "Book shipment" button, but nothing happens. We only see "..." in the button, the shipping is not booked. Why?

In this case, we don't get an error message about why the shipping can't be booked, probably because there is something wrong before we try to make the booking.

Start by checking the information on the order, is there anything in the order notes that tells you whats wrong?

If you find no error in the order notes, you need to check the logs (WooCommerce → Status → Logs). Is there any information in the Gordon log? Otherwise check the fatal errors log.
Here, for example, it could say that another plugin is causing the problem or that some information on a product is missing or incorrect.
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