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Purchase cannot be made and we are seeing "The technical supplier is not connected to the merchant"

This message is displayed when you have checked "Technical supplier" under settings but the Swish-agreement is not connected to the Technical Supplier. Ask the bank to connect against the technical supplier.

Orders are stuck with status "Pending" and customers are stuck at "we are awaiting your payment"-page

This could happen if the Swish callback is not sent to the merchants store.

  • This usually happens when the customer is using a maintenance plugin to hide the site, disabling any such plugin usually solves the issue.
  • This could also be because of an invalid ssl-certificate - test the domain with: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/ and look for any issues in certificate chain.
  • The domain needs to be publicly accessible.
  • This could also happen if there is an ongoing problem with any of the banks, see https://www.getswish.se/driftinformation/

If this issue happens on all payments all the time, please send debug log to tekniksupport@getswish.se and ask why the callback is failing.

I cannot update the plugin via WordPress dashboard

This usually happens if you perhaps have forgotten to enter the license key under settings, this is needed to be able to receive updates.

Another reason could be that the license is either expired or invalid, check "My Account" on https://redlight.se/mitt-konto/ to see if the license is expired.

You can always download the latest version via "my account" on redlight.se if you have a valid license.

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