nShift - Getting the API-Key

After installation the plugin you need to retreive your API-keys. This is done via your Unifaun Online or Pacsoft Account.

  • The module ERPconnect is required within Unifaun/Pacsoft

Getting the API-Key and

After purchasing the plugin from https://redlight.se you will receive an order confirmation that contains a link to the plugin. Clicking the link will download the plugin zip-file.

  1. Login to your Unifaun or Pacsoft account. Navigate to → Maintenance API Keys
  2. Click New API Key and enter the following information
  • Status: Enabled 
  • Check: Web Services (REST)
  • Note: WooCommerce - Redlight - Unifaun/Pacsoft
  • Email: Add your email
  • Developer-Id: 0020014841

Add API Keys under settings

  1. Go to: WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping → Shipping Options
    • Username – Enter the ID received from Unifaun Online when creating the API-key
    • Password - Enter the Secret ID received from Unifaun Online when creating the API-key
  2. Click Save

Maintenance → API Keys is missing

If the menu for API-Keys is missing under the Maintenance-section you might need to order ERPconnect.
Contact us and we can assist with the process.


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