Klarna Shipping - Testing it (Shipwreck)

Testing it - Using Shipwreck

After setting up all the shipping options you can try our Klarnas tool Shipwreck to see if your settings are correct and will work once Klarna enables Klarna Shipping Assistant on your merchant account.

  1. Start by visiting https://shipwreck.playground.eu1.kss.klarna.net/
  2. Enter your ENDPOINT, this is your site url followed by "/wp-json/redlight-media-kss/" if our site is https://redlight.se our endpoint would be
  3. Enter your Identifier that you received from us when buying the plugin
  4. Enter your Key that you received from us when buying the plugin
  5. Press "Load Visual test"

If everything looks good, that's great!

If you only see "Standard delivery - Failed to fetch option from aggregator - this is the fallback"
Something is wrong with the settings or you have not followed our guide to edit htaccess: https://docs.redlight.se/article/50-klarna-shipping-edit-htaccess

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